The Longing for a Girl Gang

Do you have quite a lot of friends but they just don’t go so well together? Or are all your friends from different circles so that you only ever get hang out one by one? Maybe they’ve never even met each other! Are you longing for an amazing girl squad in a true Sex and the City way?

The more the merrier

The feeling you get when hanging out with a group of girls is hard to beat. It seems like everything’s just better in a group. Different personalities come together to “spice up” your life. Of course it’s rewarding to hang out with only one close friend and indulge in deep conversations about life, but at the same time you should not miss out on the group dynamics of a real girl squad!

Missing a girl gang

Who hasn’t dreamt of a real girl gang; a group of girls who explore the city together, know everything about you and can come up with the best advice when you need it. It’s this solidarity that makes girl groups so powerful! To get such a close-knit girl group like you might have had in high school gets harder with age. Who wouldn’t occasionally go back those times when you just couldn’t be apart and had sleepovers at each other’s house every weekend?

Suggestions for group activities

What’re you supposed to do then when meeting with a group of girls? We gladly share our best tips for group activities. Spend long summer nights with drinks on the rooftop restaurants, have cosy movie nights or binge-watch series, take turns in inviting each other for dinner or play different social games like bowling or shuffleboard. Doing activities with a group of people can tighten the relationship and create a sense of belonging!

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