Who are we?

Gofrendly is an app for women who want more from their social life.

Get to know our founders

For me, Gofrendly is the excitement that new friendship brings. I’m so proud of what our community has become and the stories it has created.

Ulrika Lilja

Founder & CEO

Gofrendly is about taking advantage of technology to give women a platform where they can improve their social lives in a fun, easy and relevant way.

Claudia Gård

Founder & COO

From fika to friendship

Rewind to 2017. Ulrika’s just moved back home to Stockholm from Silicon Valley. She’s ready to make new friends in the city – other women who dream big and are hungry for adventure. Little does Ulrika know, Claudia’s longing to leave her career in the police force to start a business. But she can’t find anyone nearby who shares her vision.

The two keep searching, asking and looking until fate brings them together. One fika later (think good Swedish coffee and buns), they’re bonding over the challenge of making friends in adulthood. It’s a lightbulb moment, and our founders jump feet-first into building Gofrendly.

What our Gofrendly profile would say

We’re that friend who gets on stage at karaoke, and hands you the other microphone. We’re confident in trying new things and getting others to do the same because we know where it can lead.

We make an art of hosting. We’re the kind of friend who offers you a drink the moment you walk in the door. We care about you, and want you to feel safe and happy here.

Think of us as your cheerleader. We’re excited about where new friendship will take you. We’ll celebrate every moment of your journey, from the first friend-date to the monthly movie marathons.

We’re the ones starting the group chat, making party plans and booking that spa weekend with friends. We’re go-getters, working hard to make great things happen in the name of friendship.

We’ve got a great group of friends​

We’re proud to be working with our partner brands, and we make sure everyone knows it. Want to work with us? Find out what we’re looking for in a friendship.

Work with us

Think you’d be a good fit at Gofrendly? We’re always looking for smart, creative and motivated people to join the team.