The idea of GoFrendly was born during
a lunch in the fall of 2015 where two driven
entrepreneurs, Claudia and Ulrika, met for
the first time. They lacked a digital safe
space for women and decided to create one.

GoFrendly is a digital community for women who want to add more to their social life. In GoFrendly we celebrate the diversity of our community and individuality of each of our members. We’re a space where all different personalities come together in perfect harmony connecting around shared interests. The reasons for wanting to expand ones social circle can be many and that is exactly what makes our community so wonderful.

We all have different interests. So why can’t we have different friends, too? The GoFrendly team’s mission is to encourage women to explore their interests and expand their social circle along the way.


GoFrendly Team

Claudia Gård

Claudia Gård
Founder & CEO

Ulrika Lilja

Ulrika Lilja
Founder & COO

Erwan Lemonier

Erwan Lemonier

Marija Stupljanin

Marija Johnstone
Marketing Manager

Pablo Iturra
UX/UI Designer

GoFrendly Team - Rosina

Rosina Eltarras
Sales & Partnership Manager

Julia Sporre

Julia Sporre