How we do things here

Wed 25 Jan, 2023

At Gofrendly, we open the door to new friendships. But to step into something new, you need to know there’s a safe and supportive space on the other side. That’s why we have guidelines that we ask all our members to follow.


How we behave

We are welcoming

To hang out here, you need to be friendly (it’s in our name!) Chat to people in a positive and personable way. Ask questions about their life. Send smiley face emojis. Champion friendship, and make sure everyone else does the same.  

We are inclusive

We celebrate and embrace the diversity of our members and their stories. Respect other people’s beliefs and interests when using our app, and remember that everyone’s friendship journey is unique.  

We are respectful   

While we may be app-based, Gofrendly is a community full of real people with real feelings. Treat others how you would want to be treated. This isn’t a space for trolling. 

We expect you to be responsible and to follow these guidelines. Help us to keep everyone safe by flagging any behaviour that goes against how we do things. 

How we don’t behave

Harassment in any form, hate speech, discrimination and bullying aren’t welcome here. If you’re the type of person who wants to offend – move along. 

This is a place to make friends, not to promote your business. Please don’t use Gofrendly as a marketing tool for your business or social media accounts. 

Sexually explicit communication, trolling, identity theft, and spamming are an absolute no. We are a platform for female friendships only. Go phishing somewhere else. 

Content we want to see 

This is your moment to make lasting friendships. So please feel free to express yourself fully. But, only share information that represents you in a honest way. That includes your profile picture and other images you upload within the community. By being truthful, you’ll help us make Gofrendly a safe space for women to connect. 

Content we don’t want to see

We’ll remove content from our app if it:

  • Encourages harmful, illegal, dangerous, or destructive behaviour and/or activities.
  • Includes violent or sexual communication.
  • Hides or misrepresents the main purpose of the group/activity.
  • Advertises, promotes and/or sells products/services/businesses without permission from the Gofrendly team.
  • Pushes our app members to other social channels and/or platforms.
  • Exposes app members to unsafe conditions and/or situations.
  • Lacks a clear connection to social purposes (e.g. networking, social activities, new friendships, discussions, and forums).

If you see someone going against these rules, please let us know by tapping on the three dots within a profile and report the member. If someone breaks the community guidelines, they may get banned from using Gofrendly in future. 

Guidelines for sharing photos

  • Do upload photos you own and/or have full rights to. 
  • Do make sure your face can be seen in your profile pictures.
  • Don’t upload photos of children on their own. They must be in the image with you and must be fully dressed. 
  • Don’t share photos of guns, illegal drugs or pornographic material.

Guidelines for sending messages

  • Do be respectful when you chat to other Gofrendly members. 
  • Don’t ghost people. We know it can be challenging when you can’t see a friendship lasting for the long-term, but it’s always better to be honest and let the person know. If you need help with tricky conversations like this, just ask us for help. 
  • Don’t share personal information about a member outside of the app without their permission.

Whenever you are meeting a new person from the app, we recommend taking safety precautions. Don’t share your personal contact information (phone number, social media information, home address etc.) when you are about to meet someone for the first time. We recommend you use the video chat as verification beforehand and that the first meetups are in a public environment.

Got a question about our guidelines? Email us at: And remember, if you see or experience something that breaches our guidelines, report it to us straight away. It helps us to keep you and all our Gofrendly members safe.