How to make friends as an adult

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Up until our mid twenties, we make friends in abundance. At school and university, we’re constantly surrounded by people our own age, often with very similar interests. Then after the…

Why is it hard to make friends in London?

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London is both exciting and terrifying for many of the young newcomers that flock to the UK’s capital in their twenties, hopeful for a new world of opportunities. After securing…
GoFrendly Meet new friends on parental leave

Meet new friends on parental leave

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Are you alone at home with your child? Do the days go by slowly and leave you restless? Do you find it hard to meet someone who understands how you…
GoFrendly - Find your new travel buddy

Find a Female Travel Buddy

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Do you feel a longing for far away countries, but still there’s something holding you back? Would you love to just pack your suitcase and get on that plane, but…
GoFrendly - children grown-up

Empty Nester – What to Do with Your Spare Time when the Kids are all Grown-Up?

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What happened to those pre-school years? How could they just literally fly by so quickly? Suddenly you find that your calendar’s full of empty slots for the first time in…
I'm missing having a girl gang

The Longing for a Girl Gang

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Do you have quite a lot of friends but they just don't go so well together? Or are all your friends from different circles so that you only ever get…
GoFrendly - Where is my BFF

Where’s my BFF?

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Do you dream about finding that person you can talk about everything with? Someone you never get tired of being around. Someone who makes you grow as a person. Most…
GoFrendly - Great activities for your friendship-date

Great activities for your friend-date

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Planning a friend-date but you're out of ideas? We'll give you tips on great activities for your next friend-date. Have you been chatting with someone in GoFrendly for a while…
girl moving to a new city

New in town and in need of new friends?

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It’s exciting to move to a new city! You get a chance to start a completely new life in a new place. However, whilst many people find it easy to…
GoFrendly - make new friends at 50

Make new friends at 50

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How does one find new friends at the age of 50? Do you feel like you lack close friends in your life? Or do you feel like you’ve grown apart…
hitta nya kompisar som inte har barn hitta nya kompisar gofrendly

Do you want to meet friends without children?

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The only one without kids in the group? Do you feel a bit left out in your current circle of friends? You might not really feel you can contribute to…
GoFrendly friendship app - find new friends

Expand your circle of friends through an app

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Today we use apps for pretty much everything! To find love, buy food, as a contraceptive, for therapy and to keep track of our work out. So why wouldn’t we…
GoFrendly - find new friends using friendship-date!

Meeting up with a new friend for the first time?

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Let’s be honest – doesn’t it feel both strange and embarrassing to ask a complete stranger if they’d like to meet up sometime for a coffee or a glass of…

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