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Display ads

Place your brand where Gofrendly’s members are and create brand awareness by appearing in the app. The ads are positioned within member-generated content feeds.

In-app message

Send a message directly to all members’ inboxes.

Takeover ads

Capture the full attention of Gofrendly’s members with takeover ads that cover the entire screen. These can be used for contests, polls, or offers.

Stand alone email

Reach out with your brand to an active email list with a high open rate.

Digital and/or IRL events

Take gofrendly’s members directly to your business, either digitally or physically, through gofrendly’s activity calendar.

Enhance your brand with an innovative B2C marketing platform.

Gofrendly offers innovative channels such as content marketing, community-building, events, and partnerships, all in one platform. Utilize Gofrendly’s extensive member base for direct communication with potential customers and strengthen your brand. Contact us today to find out more about how Gofrendly can assist you.