Meeting up with a new friend for the first time?

Let’s be candid – it can often feel peculiar and even a tad awkward to approach a complete stranger and propose a meet-up for coffee or a glass of wine. Few people take that step while waiting for a bus or engaging in small talk before a gym class, even when the person they’re conversing with appears genuinely pleasant and outgoing, and would likely welcome the idea of a friendly get-together.

Meeting friends is a proactive choice

The advantage of being part of a digital community like Gofrendly is that you can be confident every member has actively chosen to make new friends. So, seize the opportunity and don’t let a potential friendship slip away while waiting for the person on the other side of the chat to pluck up the courage! Chances are, the other person is just as apprehensive as you are, and there’s a high probability that nothing will materialize if you don’t take the initiative to reach out to a couple of interesting like-minded individuals.

But what should you say, and when?

We believe it’s best to arrange a meet-up as early as possible when the conversation is still fresh and flowing. Keep it uncomplicated! If your chat partner has expressed a love for white wines from Southern France, ask if they’re available next Thursday after work. If they enjoy working out, inquire about joining them for a run on Saturday. If you’re both on parental leave, suggest meeting at your favorite café or in the park. Once again, keep it straightforward, even though we understand it can be nerve-wracking, and the fear of rejection may loom.

Just be casual about it and base the conversation on the details in their profile, focusing on shared interests.

“You’re getting back into your running routine, and so am I. We seem to live in the same area. I really enjoy the riverside path for jogging. Where do you usually run?”

“I see you’re a coffee enthusiast, just like me! I’m meeting a friend for coffee on Tuesday afternoon. Would you like to join us?”

“I’m also at home with my 2-year-old right now and would love to get out of the house for some fresh air. Are you free on Friday morning? Maybe we can meet up for a walk or visit the park.”

To sum it up, here are our top three pieces of advice when it comes to making friends:

  1. Suggest a meet-up as early as possible. Don’t wait until the conversation peters out. It’s better to meet while you have a good rapport and can plan your get-together based on your initial Gofrendly chat.
  2. Propose an activity – whether it’s a movie, coffee, a glass of wine, a leisurely stroll, or a game night. People appreciate it when someone takes the initiative and gets creative with suggestions.
  3. Propose a date for the meet-up (e.g., next Tuesday, within the next two weeks, this weekend). This makes it more likely for plans to materialize.

We hope you’re inspired to expand your social circle and forge new friendships along the way. Whenever you find someone’s profile intriguing, don’t hesitate to reach out directly and go for it! You have nothing to lose. Now, you might be thinking, “What if they don’t respond?” Well, that can happen, but remember there are thousands of members in Gofrendly who you’ll find interesting and who would be delighted to meet you. You can also consider joining a group of like-minded individuals if that feels more comfortable; check out the activity calendar for local meet-ups organized by Gofrendly members in your area. The one thing you’re least likely to regret is giving it a shot!

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