Make new friends after 50

How does one find new friends at the age of 50+? Do you feel like you lack close friends in your life or that you’ve grown apart from friends over the past years? This is a common situation many of us face as we grow older, take different paths in life and pursue different passion points. Luckily, there is something you can do about it and bring positive change by exploring new friendships!

Keeping it simple

Let’s be honest, making new friends can be hard and feel pretty strange when we lose the natural scenery of friendship making. Sure one can try out a new hobby in pursuit of connecting with likeminded people, but building friendships take both energy and time spent together. When we created Gofrendly, our main idea was to build an all-female digital community that would make friendship easy and accessible for every woman. And a couple of years down the road, we can gladly tell you that, more people than you’d expect, feel like they lack the right friends in their lives! We usually do have friends, but have we actively chose them for the last decade? You have probably changed the last ten years, the kids might have moved out, you currently feel disconnected to your partner or just feel a need to get up on a horseback after a long break. Reflect on what type of friends you need in your life right now and let us help you find them!

Dare to try out new things with new people

You’ll gain a lot by connecting with new friends in your neighbourhood. One of the benefits is that it allows a higher degree of spontaneity! Walk around in your area and explore the boards and window displays. Even if you’ve lived there for a while, a new dance studio might have popped up or a café that changed the owner who nowadays loves to host standup evenings. This might be a first step towards meeting with new people that live close by. Don’t be afraid to explore digital platforms since they usually have large communities where you can filter based on your current interests and preferences. In a recent couple of years, online communities have grown and become established platforms for connecting with friends that you may not have met otherwise. Gofrendly is one of the digital communities putting women and safety at the forefront of our work. Our founders lacked a space where females could connect based on their broad spectra of interests and decided to create one themselves.

Getting started

If you feel like Gofrendly is the right for you, we’ll be thrilled to help you get on board. Below we summarized step-by-step guide in how to become a member:

  1. Get the app in your app store and download it
  2. Open the app and begin your registration
  3. During the registration, you’ll choose between different interests and preferences in age and distance for your future connections. Our users are between 18 – 90 years old and it’s up to you to decide which age group is the right one for you!
  4. Write a short profile description of who you are. Most of our users have written a short bio for their profiles in which they talk about what they like to do, their current passion points and bucket list experiences they’d like to share with a future friend.
  5. When you see an interesting member you’d like to get to know, simply save her as a friend and send the first message! Remember, all women use Gofrendly for the same reason – to meet new friends, which means that you’re not alone!

Good luck with your friend-dating and don’t forget to have fun!

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