Longing for a BFF?

Do you dream about finding that person that just gets you without even having to talk? Someone you never get tired of being around. Someone who makes you grow as a person and that you feel safe with pouring your heart out. Most of us are probably longing for such a friend in our lives. For who doesn’t want to have a best friend?

Flashback to the reign of the BFFs

The expression “best friends forever” probably takes most of us back to our time in high school. Back in those days, it was vital to keep on track with who was best friends with whom, even though constellations usually changed about every five days. Still, back then as well as today, we’re longing for someone to call our best friend because it gives you such a special feeling to have somebody so close to you. A friend who wants nothing more than to spend every minute with you and share new adventures together. Even though we really shouldn’t care about what others think of us, we have to admit that it’s a wonderful feeling to be so precious to somebody. It somehow makes you feel content, safe and like you belong. To be loved by a dear one is, therefore, something most of us wouldn’t want to miss out on!

To have a true best friend

To be able to share your life with an amazing person would be wonderful. To have somebody at your side you can rely on no matter what. A friend who’s always there for you. Someone to laugh with, have deep conversations with, and even cry together with. A real soul mate, that is. However, as we enter into adulthood and get all caught up in the working life it becomes harder to keep up the same pace and hang out as much. Things come in the way, friends enter other close relationships, have kids and demanding job roles. Thus, it is not strange to wake up one day realizing that you actually lack a best friend. Luckily, you are not alone with these feelings! When we founded Gofrendly, it was exactly due to this feeling of yearning for new friendships. In our all-female community, you can make new friendships with like-minded women in your area.

Group of BFF’s

The best thing with friendships as an adult is that you can actually make your own bouquet of friends to fit your current needs. One best friend brings, of course, a special bond, but as we grow older our lifestyle becomes more complex and our social needs might not be satisfied by one individual. That is why we highly encourage you to explore several best friends for different reasons. You can have a BFF for deep conversations, an adventurous BFF that takes you to new places and a workout BFF that can motivate you through the intense CrossFit session.

In Gofrendly, you have the opportunity to connect with loads of women who can become your new best friends. For one thing is sure: whatever you’re into there are others that share your experiences and interests.

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