Josephine & Bella: Five years of friendship

Through Gofrendly, I met my wonderful friend Bella about five years ago. We clicked pretty much immediately when we talked in your app and when we met in person for the first time, it felt like we had known each other for ages. We have many shared interests and can even support each other in life because we have several similarities in our background but also many differences where we learn from each other.

I always laugh so much with Bella and have such a great time every time we see each other. I feel safe with her and always feel like she is there for me. Now that we have both found boyfriends, we organize couples dinners and have fun with good food, fast-paced video games, and discussions about family, politics, and culture. I am so grateful that we met through Gofrendly. She is a given in my life today and I love her.

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