Expand your circle of friends through an app

Today we use apps for pretty much everything! To find love, buy food, as a contraceptive, for therapy and to keep track of our work out. So why wouldn’t we also want to make use of this wonderful technology to find friends?

Find new friends wherever you are

Now it’s possible for you to find your new best friend whilst lying on the couch in your pyjamas. Amazing, isn’t it? You don’t need to mingle, pretend to be interested in boring childhood stories and smile politely to someone bragging about her career. Instead, you can simply get matched with potential friends that fit your preferences. Now you’ve really got no excuse left – you can’t tell yourself that you neither have the time nor the strength to go out and try to make new friends any longer, because all you need to do now is to create an account and match with others.

How it works

Are you eager to find new friends, but feel a bit unsure about how to get into contact with new people? You might even have thought about approaching strangers on the street, only to dismiss the thought just as quickly. That’s where our community comes to rescue! You register a profile, get matched, and can choose to only engage with users you find interesting! Maybe someone who likes to party just as much as you? Or somebody to have a cup of tea with, or binge-watch detective series with? Furthermore, you can filter the users on age and distance to find the right people. Our users are between 18-80 years old and live all over the globe. No matter who you’re looking for, at GoFrendly you’ll be able to find a friend who matches you.

Dare to meet new friends

The first step on the way to meet new friends is self-awareness: you need to accept that you’re missing people in your life and open yourself up for new opportunities. The best thing you can do is leave your comfort zone behind and DARE to get yourself out there! Dare to add this girl who seems genuinely nice and outgoing to your list of friends in the app. Dare to start a conversation. Dare to ask her if she’d like to meet. But above all, dare to give it some time. You might not click the first time you meet, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t become great friends if you give it some time!

You’re not alone

The most important thing you need to remember is that you’re not alone. There’re thousands of people out there who’re also longing to expand their circle of friends. Wanting new friends is not synonymous with having no friends. But we all feel lonely sometimes or are in need to find friends for particular reasons e.g. that understand your life situation or that shares your new interests. Downloading our app is the first step in the right direction that many other users before you have already taken. Remember, you’re all here for the same reason, to make new friends!