Anna: I met new friends that fits in my ever changing life

A couple of years ago while my interest in corporate building and entrepreneurship was growing, my social life (even if just for a while) got smaller. It wasn’t just because I spent most of my time managing my company. The social circles I used to be in were just not a natural part of my life anymore. I think most people can relate to the feeling that making new friends as a grown up is a lot more complicated compared to when you were a kid. Despite the complication it can still feel very necessary to make new friends that fits into your ever changing life. It was somewhere around this point, when I felt like it was necessary for me to make new friends that I heard about gofrendly. Not long after I created my gofrendly profile, I went out for coffee with new interesting people. 


Thanks to the gofrendly app making it easy for users to list their interests, I was able to sort through the members based on what I was looking for in a new friendship. After meeting a few times I could tell that I’ve had a much better hit-rate using the gofrendly app than any other similar app. Today, three years later I still have a very close relationship with friends that I met through gofrendly. These friends are people that I share my biggest interests with. Just like me they never get tired of talking about entrepreneurship and everything that comes with it. It was a real victory for me meeting new people to share my passion with. 


I’m convinced that many people stick with their old friendships just because it’s comfortable and not because of the quality of the friendship. But thanks to platforms and apps like gofrendly it’s now more possible than ever to meet new people you wouldn’t have the chance to meet otherwise. After all, your life doesn’t get any bigger or better than the people you surround yourself with.” 

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