quality time with new friends

When you want a friend
  • to go hiking with.
  • with the same music taste.
  • to start a bookclub with.
  • that also had a baby.
  • for your next backpack trip.
  • who runs her own business.
  • to push you forward.
  • that loves spicy food.
  • for that hot yoga session.
  • to join your Sunday walks.

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We all need friends for all kinds of reasons

Whatever you are passionate about, there are others who love it just as much. That’s why we exist, so you can find your soulmates around each of your interests!

Join in on local activities

Book clubs, getaways, spontaneous afterwork, workout sessions, gaming nights! Check out what is happening in your local area or create your own activities that like-minded people can join in on.

For a reason, season or a lifetime

Life changes and so do you. When you need a friend for the concert of your favourite artist, to meet other moms in your neighbourhood or a completely new group of girls to hang out with after a tough breakup, we’re here for you!

Fill your days with new memories.

On the lookout for fun things to do this weekend? Join in for a spontaneous afterwork, try out new form of exercise like Capoeira, attend a Haruki Murakami book club or arrange a Dragon Age gaming night. If you have an adventure mind but lack company, create an activity in GoFrendly and get accompanied by like-minded community members.

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event med vänner
Matilda, 37

Thanks to you I never have to feel alone in my interests and would never have tried fun activities such as croquis and book clubs.

Johanna, 29

I really feel that GoFrendly is much more than an app - it has become a really cool community for all sorts of friends.

Amanda, 23

The girls I met through GoFrendly have really changed my life. I've hanged out with them several times a week for about two years now.


GoFrendly, friends for every occasion.

Move to a new city, single among newly engaged friends and discussions about best stroller, grown apart from old friends or your existing friends do not share a new interest of yours?

This is where the idea for Gofrendly was born – to create an easy and accessible space for women to connect around common interests. In the image above, you see us that founded GoFrendly, Claudia and Ulrika, where the idea came from our own need to expand our social circle. For one of us, it was the combination of being a new mom and entrepreneur that was missing from the friends group. For the other, who recently moved home from the US, it was to build a new base with like-minded friends with interest in entrepreneurship and a love for spicy Asian food.

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