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We've all been there at some point! A move to a new city and not knowing anyone, having kids when all other friends are still single, finding a new interest that you're just dying to share with someone or having the feeling that you’ve outgrown your friends. GoFrendly connects women who want to meet new friends. Through our app, you can meet others that share your life situation and interests. Join our community and improve your social life!

How GoFrendly Works

Get Matched

You will be matched with potential friends based on your own preferences (age, distance, interests, life situation)

Create or Join Activities

Fill your calendar with fun activities and events. Create own activities or join in on other members’ events. 

Chat & Meet

Send messages and meet up for coffee, after-work, or why not try a new sport together? 

Our Vision

Life changes and so do you, but what happens when making new friends just ain’t that easy as you thought it would be? Whether you’re new to town, having kids while your other friends are still single, the only single in the gang or just wanting to expand your social circle, our goal is to make GoFrendly your catcher in the rye.

Based on the idea of helping women around the globe connect with like-minded friends, we created GoFrendly – a platform that makes friendship simple and available for females all over the world.

“We are a global revolution where female friendship is made simple – for everyone.”

Join our community!