New in town and in need of new friends?

It’s exciting to move to a new city! You get a chance to start a completely new life in a new place. However, whilst many people find it easy to settle down in an unknown place, others can feel quite a lot of anxiety at the bare thought of it due to the social challenges it brings. 

Plan ahead

You might fear that it’ll be difficult to find your way in the new city before you’ve managed to settle down a bit, before you’ve even had the chance to explore all there is to know! And to be honest, it will probably take some time for you to get completely comfortable, but rest assured, you’ll get there eventually! The only thing you can beforehand do is try to prepare as good as you can. Inform yourself about the city you’re moving to and fix the things you can arrange at a distance. This will help to calm your nerves and give you more control over the situation.

Afraid to be alone in a new city?

We’ve all been afraid of not finding friends to hang out with at some point in our lives. This fear usually only intensifies when we find us in an unknown environment. It’s really not easy to just walk up to somebody and ask whether they’d like to hang out one day. Nowadays it’s just become more difficult than ever; sometimes you get the impression that everybody already has so many friends and are caught up in their own lives. It then becomes easy to persuade yourself that nobody will be interested in getting to know you. Always remember, however, that you’re by far not the only one to feel that way and that you have something to offer in terms of friendship. The important thing is to realise that this is nothing to be ashamed of, but rather a normal issue many of us are confronted with from time to time, especially in life-changing situations.

Moving to a new town can be a change for the better

A fresh start might just be what you need.  Some fresh faces in your circle of friends can bring personal development and energy to try out new things. Maybe you’re tired of your neighborhood with all those people who never greet? Whatever made you want to seek refuge in a new city, don’t be afraid to be alone! ‘Cause that’s what GoFrendly will help you with, especially if you don’t know many people in the new place you’re moving to. At GoFrendly you get the opportunity to meet women who are also new in town or who are on the lookout for new friends, just like you. Are you ready to find new friends?