Find a Female Travel Buddy

Do you feel a longing for far away countries, but still there’s something holding you back? Would you love to just pack your suitcase and get on that plane, but lack a friend to go and explore new places together with? Find your next travel buddy at GoFrendly! Down below we’ve shared our best advice for your next trip!

Share amazing experiences with a travel companion

At the same time as it can be rewarding to travel on your own and grow as a person, it’s usually not as much fun and less safe than traveling together with a friend. It’s just nice to have somebody to get support from so that you’re not entirely left on your own  in a foreign country. Shared joy is double joy, right? And then when you’re back from your holiday you have somebody to remember your travels with, to liven up those dark and dull November days back home. Maybe the cup of tea you’re having whilst going through your holiday photos is actually a souvenir from a place you two visited together?

Which places do you want to visit?

Do you want to visit Australia or New Zealand? Or explore Europe by train or backpack in Asia or South America? Or why not make a road trip through the US like Thelma and Louise? Explore your vision of where you’d like to travel and what you’d like to do before booking your trip. When you decided on your destination, go ahead and search for your travel buddy. But don’t forget to be open for suggestions as your new travel companion might have loads of ideas for activities you never even knew existed!

How to plan a trip together

The best thing you can do is to start planning your trip in time. For example, for some countries, you need a visa in order to travel there, and it’s vital to apply for this in time. Make also sure to check whether you need any kind of travel insurance, and remember to take your health insurance card with you, just in case! Another good idea is to make lists: what do you want to see and where do you want to go? You can then use these to plan your trip! If you find lists helpful, continue making them for everything that might be important; note for example down what you still need to arrange before your trip or what you need to pack in your suitcase. That way it’s much easier to keep track of things! We think that one of the greatest perks of traveling together with a friend must be packing your bags together, because sharing is caring. Furthermore, this can be a great way of traveling light if you split the shampoo, some clothes and accessories.

Good luck on your travels!

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