Empty Nester – What to Do with Your Spare Time when the Kids are all Grown-Up?

What happened to those pre-school years? How could they just literally fly by so quickly? Suddenly you find that your calendar’s full of empty slots for the first time in years – something you’re so unused to that you don’t even know what to do with all your newly-won free time!

Less responsibility – more time

Now that your children have grown up, some of the weight of responsibility has been lifted from your shoulders and you’ve got more time to spend on yourself. Time that you’ve never had all these years, what with all the household chores and taking the children to all kinds of activities. But what on earth are you now supposed to spend it on?

Expand your horizon

You can always try out some new sports you’ve always been curious about. Or take a class to learn something new, because exploring new territory is always rewarding! Feeling a longing for new people when entering a new phase in your life isn’t unusual, either. Maybe you’ve lost contact with many old friends you used to see regularly before? Or your current circle of friends isn’t giving you what you’re looking for any longer and you feel like you need to get to know new people. Expanding your horizon gives you a greater chance of making new friends! Don’t be afraid to explore new places outside of your comfort zone.

Find new friends to meet in your spare time

It’s never too late to meet new friends! There are often events in your area, so do some research on the local activities that you can join. Social media is a great way of meeting new people through customized groups based on interests, hobbies or other preferences that fit what you are looking for. In the latest years that dating apps have explored the friendship landscape since many users just want to meet new friends, not a new partner. GoFrendly is a friendship app for female and gives you a helping hand along the way. In our app you can make friends with women who are in the same situation as you, with loads of free time on their hands but are on the search for friends to spend it with. Isn’t that great? If your are curious about the us, check out the app. If it seems like something for you, dare to try it and explore the world of female friendship by becoming part of our community.