Do you want to meet friends without children?

The only one without kids in the group? Do you feel a bit left out in your current circle of friends? You might not really feel you can contribute to your friends’ talks of breastfeeding, changing nappies, and the enormous motherly love that they feel towards their children.

When your circle of friends becomes a mummy group

Did most of your friends recently get children? That usually means that the conversations start to be about the newborn baby and maternity leave. That can easily make you feel a bit isolated. Like you don’t really have things in common anymore. Maybe you feel quite fed up hearing about the child’s first words or the constant talk about the newest baby food recipes? Every time you meet, your cozy hang-out becomes a mummy group meets up because children are all you talk about. Maybe they don’t even show any interest in what’s going on in your life anymore? It’s not unusual at all for us to be out-of-step with our friends at times. Especially if many of them have children whilst you haven’t any (yet)!

Meet friends without children in our community

Do you long for the chance to meet up with a friend without having to share the conversation with a three-year-old? To have deep conversations about life in general, to take long walks, to eat dinner together for hours or go out to a club and dance the night away? Or best of all: not having to plan weeks ahead as well as not risking getting a last-minute text message of your stressed friend who just can’t make it? At GoFrendly you’ll find female friends without children. And there’s loads of women out there who are in the exact same situation as you. Who are also searching for friends who aren’t in the baby bubble. Sometimes we all just need to refresh our circle of friends, which is a natural course of life. You may still want to keep your old friends, and after a while, you may find back to each other when they have time to focus on other things besides their newborn.

If you boded throughout the article and answered yes to all the above, we strongly recommend you to give GoFrendly a try!

PS If you then do decide to get children sometime in the future, you can always change your preferences in the app and find loads of girls on parental leave in your area through GoFrendly!