Hitta vänner under Corona


How to meet friends during Covid-19

How do you make friends in the middle of an ongoing pandemic? And how to be social despite distancing during Covid-19? It is still possible to socialize if you follow the advice and recommendations that apply from the Public Health Agency. We have gathered some of our best ideas on how to keep satisfying your social needs and meet new friends in a corona-friendly way.

It’s natural to want to get out in the sun as the weather warms up and we have been locked up at home for a long time. Sure thing, we get that you just want to head out meet people to get a sense of feeling that life is slowly getting back to the normal. But there are other ways to satisfy your social needs without having to leave home as it is our new normal.

Online meetups

Sip a drink at a digital AW, catch up over a Face-Time coffee or gather friends over a music quiz in the Houseparty app or Snapchat. The possibilities are endless where you can embrace your favourite activities and digitalize them. We, of course, know that it will not be the same, but it is better than not having any contact at all with your friends. If you want to add some new friends, you can easily find like-minded friends online based on your interests, e.g. you can find friends online via various social apps with features such as video chat (e.g. GoFrendly), live chat (e.g. Yubo) and in interest groups (e.g. on Facebook).

Digital circles

Have you explored a new interest during Corona? You are certainly not alone in that! If you’re indulging in books you have wanted to read for ages and are eager to discuss with others, start a digital book club. Starting to immerse yourself in tannins and sulphates, start a wine club online where you agree on a good wine that you try on your own followed by group analysis. Do you love to cook and always wanted to make pasta from scratch? Create a cooking circle where you cook the same dish at home and have dinner together over Skype.

Join a challenge

Gather some friends who share the same interests in e.g. workout, food, meditation, yoga, language and complete a challenge together where you strive towards a common goal. For example, you may have the goal of learning basics in Japanese in 4 weeks or conducting morning meditation for 21 days. If you all like to workout, many workout studios have released online classes and various challenges you can join in on (and maybe win great prizes!).

Live comment on your fave-series

Sync with each other and press play on Netflix at the same time to then comment on what’s happening in the program with each other. Do you love reality series? In GoFrendly, there are currently several groups where girls digitally meetup to discuss the latest episodes of trending reality shows. If you are more fond of movies, why not get together your own movie club?

Pandemic-friendly outdoor activities

If you still want to get out into the fresh air, there are a number of exciting activities that follow the guidelines*. Below are some examples and inside the activity calendar in GoFrendly you can find the company for each of those in your city. If there is something you are missing, you can always create your own activity that others can join in on (we promise to find your disc golf soulmate among our 150,000 members).

  • Take a Walk – call a friend while you powerwalk or ask them to join
  • Play tennis
  • Try golf & disc golf
  • Plan a picnic
  • Play board games (on a blanket, works perfectly!)

* If you decide to meet up with new and existing friends, we urge that you follow the latest recommendations from your national Public Health Agency. Following are some of the recommendations and restrictions from the GoFrendly team to all our members.

  • Meet only if everyone is healthy.
  • Keep your distance, place tables and chairs at a reasonable distance, even outdoors. Feel free to hold 2 meters, as often as you can. And avoid hugging!
  • Meet only a few people at the time.
  • Seen outdoors. It is important to keep your distance outdoors as well.
  • Avoid larger social contexts such as parties and celebrations.
  • Continue to refrain from unnecessary travel and meet people locally.