1.1 Who can become a member of GoFrendly?

GoFrendly is for all self-identified women as the idea for the app came from the founders’ need to have a community for women who want to connect with like-minded friends. When GoFrendly becomes available for other genders, we will announce these news in our channels and media.

1.2 How old should I be to use GoFrendly?

You need to be at least 18 years old, but otherwise there is no age where you should not use GoFrendly! Our oldest member is 85 years old and still finds new acquaintances within our community, which is fantastic! It is simply never too late for you to connect new people that are into the same things as you are, and since our community consists of members between the ages of 18 and 85, you completely decide the age range of those you want to hang out with.

1.3 How does GoFrendly work?

We are a digital community where women can connect based on common interests and life situations to build friendships. Based on preferences on distance and age range, you will find interesting members who share your passion points and who also live nearby. These members are compiled in your personal feed where you can read profile descriptions, save as a favorite to a friend list or contact other members in the app. We have actively opted out of the swipe function and our algorithm instead bases matches on the members’ own settings that must match in order to appear in each other’s matching flow.

1.4 How much does GoFrendly cost?

GoFrendly is completely free for members of our community. In order to run GoFrendly as an organisation and further develop the platform, we need to generate revenue elsewhere. That’s why you as a member accept ads and newsletters from approved GoFrendly Partners when you sign up.


2.1 What does the red ring around a members’ profile picture in my feed mean?

These are all profiles you have not visited yet, so check them out! Who knows, one of them may be your best friend or training buddy who will help you achieve your new PB?

2.2 Profiles I visited disappeared, how do I find them again?

Visited profiles disappear further down the feed so that you do not always get the same members in your feed. Did you miss an interesting profile? Scroll down to the bottom of the feed to find the member. In order not to lose interesting profiles in the future, you can click on the button “Save” and they will be saved under the tab “Home” and “Saved”.

2.3 How do I change the age of my children?

To change the age of your children, go to the “Profile” tab and scroll down to “Personal info”, then press “Children” and adjust to the correct age.

2.4 How do I change my profile picture?

To change the profile picture, go to the “Profile” tab and then tap the camera icon located in the upper left corner above your current profile picture. Do not forget that it is important that you have a picture of yourself representing you.

2.5 Why is it important to have a profile picture?

It is important to have a profile picture for several reasons that we have listed below:

  • A picture says more than a thousand words and is a great way to express yourself in your GoFrendly profile.
  • It strengthens your identity and that you really are who you claim to be.
  • Profiles with a clear profile picture get more messages, replies and invitations to activities in the community.
  • By having a clear profile picture of yourself, you contribute to maintaining GoFrendly a safe space for women.

Your image is used only in your profile and visible to other GoFrendly members you match with. If you are interested in knowing how we handle your personal data, you can read more about it in our Privacy Policy.

2.6 What does it mean to save someone as a friend?

You can find your saved friends under the “Saved” tab under the “Home” tab. The member receives an automatic notification that you have saved her as a friend. Saving someone as a friend makes it easier, for example, to invite the person to an activity / group chat or if you want to write to the member later.


2.7 Can you search for hashtags?

Currently, hashtags are not searchable, but we are aware of the request and will have it in mind for the future updates! Hashtags are today an extra way for you to express who you are and what you like in your profile. They may also facilitate the first message you send to a potential friend!


3.1 Can I filter my matching flow with more parameters than age and distance?

Of course you can! In the upper right corner of your feed with potential friends you will find the filter function. Here you can filter in greater detail about interests and life situations (do not forget to click Save to apply your filters!). Note that others can still see you in their feed even if you use the filter function.

3.2 How do I filter?

You will find the filtering options in the upper right corner under the “Home” tab. You can choose to filter your matches by, for example, distance, age and / or what you want to meet for.

3.3 How do I set up distance, location and age?

Start by setting your own age and location under “Profile” and scroll down to “Personal Info”. You can then adjust the distance and age range under the filter, which can be found in the upper right corner under the “Home” tab.

3.4 Can I see when someone has last been active / logged in?

You can currently not see when another member was last logged in or active. We have taken the feedback about this feature with us for future updates! Our best advice for finding other active members is to write to those at the top of your feed as it indicates that they have recently been active / are new profiles. We also recommend checking out the activities in your city or maybe create one of your own?


4.1 Can I see if the people I wrote to have read my messages?

Of course! After sending the message, a green check mark will appear below the message if it is delivered to the recipient. Once the recipient has read your message, you will see her avatar in the same spot.

4.2 How do I start a group chat?

Go to your messages and click on the green icon in the upper right corner.

4.3 How do I delete a conversation?

Go to your messages and swipe the conversation to the left. You will get different options for that conversation (e.g. delete or block).


5.1 Who can contact me?

In order for you to feel safe with the function, you can only be contacted by another member if you have both saved each other as friends. To save another member as a friend, go to the profile and press “Save”.

5.2 I can not receive video calls, why?

There are a couple of common reasons why you may not be able to receive video calls, please read below and double check that you have the right settings.

  • Double check that you have saved the person you are talking to as a friend and that you have been saved by her (You can save each other by pressing “Save” in each other’s profiles).
  • Make sure that you have allowed video calls in your settings by going to “Profile”, and then pressing a cogwheel button in the upper right corner.
  • Make sure you have the latest version of the app (check for updates in your app store or reinstall your app).
  • Go to your mobile settings and make sure you have allowed camera and sound to the GoFrendly app.

If it still does not work, feel free to email us at info@gofrendly.com and we will help you further!


6.1 How do I delete an activity?

To delete an activity, go to your activity under the tab “My Activities” and press “Change”. However, this is only possible if the activity has not yet started. Do you want to delete an activity that has already started? Feel free to email us at info@gofrendly.com and we will help you further.

6.2 What is the maximum limit for an activity?

An activity can last for a maximum of two weeks.

6.3 Who can see my activity?

Your activity is visible to all your matches; that is, the members who suit your age and distance range. You can adjust these ranges under “Home” and then under the filtering options found in the upper right corner.

6.4 What does private activity mean?

Private activities are visible only to those you invite (and also those they invite if you choose to let others invite). A private activity cannot be changed to public later due to the privacy of other members.

6.5 What does public activity mean?

An public activity is an activity that is visible to all your matches. They see your activity under “Activities” while you see your own activity under “My Activities”.

6.6 Why is my activity deleted?

Please read our community guidelines under “Guidelines for activities” here. If you think we made a mistake or if you have more questions about why, do not hesitate to email us at info@gofrendly.com

6.7 What should I do if an activity is fully booked?

At present, there is, unfortunately, no built-in function for this, but our best advice is to write to the organizer or comment inside the activity that you want to be on the waiting list / happy to join.

6.8 What kind of activities can I create?

As long as the activity complies with our guidelines for activities, only the imagination can set limits! Popular activities among our members are book clubs, training activities, dinners, after work, but also to try new and fun sports together or go to the cinema.

6.9 Why can’t I see any activities?

Please try to increase your distance and age range to see if you notice any difference (you change this under “Home” and then press the filter options). You can also change your location and place yourself centrally / in a larger city nearby so you increase your chance to match with more activities in your area.

6.10 My activity is visible under “My activities”, is it visible to others?

Yes! Your own activities, activities you have pressed ‘’going’’ to and activities you have been invited to will be found under “My activities”. Your created activity is visible to all your matches, i.e. members who match your age range and distance and is shown under “Activities”.

6.11 How do I change the date and text in my activity?

You can make adjustments to your activity by pressing “Change” inside your activity. If your activity has already started, this is not possible. Please email us at info@gofrendly.com and we will help you!


7.1 I can not log in to my account, what is the reason?

Start by reinstalling your app to make sure you have the latest version of GoFrendly. Unsure about how you logged in earlier? Feel free to try testing with the possible options for log in. If it still does not work, we will help you at info@gofrendly.com. Please write what error message you receive and how you tried to log in.

7.2 Can I pause my account?

You can easily pause your account to come back at a later time! You do this under “Profile” and then press the gear in the right corner and scroll down to deactivate the account. Warmly welcome back!

7.3 How do I delete/deactivate my account?

We are sorry to hear that you want to delete your account! You delete your account under “Profile” and then go into your account settings (gear in the top right corner) and scroll down to “Deactivate your account”. You can choose whether you want to delete your account permanently or pause your account so you can come back at a later time. Have you experienced problems, any questions or do you have feedback to us? Please email us at info@gofrendly.com

7.4 How do I change the language in the app?

You change the language in the app in your settings and scroll down to “Change language”.

7.5 Where can I find the settings in the app?

You will find your settings under “Profile” and then press the gear in the upper right corner (above your profile picture).


8.1 How do you check that only women register with GoFrendly?

We use technical solutions to verify all new members who register. GoFrendly is a community where we help each other and as we grow rapidly in the number of new members, we need your help if you come across an inappropriate or suspicious profile. If you discover a member who you believe does not belong on GoFrendly or who abuses the platform in any other way, we encourage you to report the account to us. This option can be found in the upper right corner of the user profile. We will review the report and, based on evidence, take action to ensure that the member is who she claims to be.

We are always looking for new ways to verify our members. Recently, we have added a video chat where you can easily contact the other member, for example, plan the first meeting and at the same time make sure of her identity. In the coming period, we will add even more security features to continue building a secure community!

8.2 Is it visible on Facebook that I use GoFrendly?

We have login with social platforms to simplify registration for you as a member and at the same time verify that you are who you claim to be. We do not share anything on your social media either in connection with registration or while you use GoFrendly. If you like our community and have had good experiences from it with new friends and exciting adventures, we would be very happy if you want to tell us about us in your channels!

8.3 Why do I have to be over 18 to use GoFrendly?

GoFrendly is a social community with the aim that members should get in touch with each other to share their interests and enrich their everyday life. For security reasons and due to the fact that we do not have the opportunity to take responsibility for anything that happens outside our platform, we require that all members are at least 18 years or older, ie. adult and can thus take personal responsibility. We recommend all members to meet in safe places in the public and always be aware that the member is who she pretends to be.

8.4 How do I report a member whose behavior I find inappropriate?

You can always report users who you think are behaving improperly. To do this, click on the symbol in the upper right corner of the member’s profile to bring up the option to block / report or send an email to info@gofrendly.com.

8.5 What happens if I report a member?

Thank you very much for reporting! After you report an account, we will review the profile within 24 hours and take the necessary action. Together we create the safest community for women!

8.6 What happens if I block another member?

Your profile will be hidden from the person’s feed and the direct communication with that member will be deleted (your messages, she can not see your activities, etc.). Note that you will still be able to see each other in shared content, e.g. in other GoFrendly members’ activities that you have both signed up for or in group conversations.

8.7 I forgot my password, what do I do?

If you log in via social login, your password is the same as the one you use for your Facebook / Google account. If you have forgotten that password on these logins, Facebook / Google Customer Service will help you reset it. We recently introduced login via email on GoFrendly where you can request a “magic link” to your inbox if you have forgotten your password. (ps. sometimes this can end up in the trash, so feel free to take a look there!)


9.1 What is the difference between selfie verification and video verification?

Selfie verification is a mandatory step in the registration process when you register by email. It is also found in “Account Settings” for anyone who has a GoFrendly account. This verification method is used to prove that you are who you claim to be at registration.

Video verification is a verification that is completed between members after video calls and it is also the verification method that gives you the nice icon in your profile and in the matching feed. This verification method is used as a security function for our members where you confirm each other’s identity and thus contribute to a safe community with active members.

9.2 How do I see if I am verified?

To be verified, you need to have been called via video call by another member. Your icon will appear with a green check mark under your profile picture, which you can see under the “Profile” tab. If you have just been verified, you may need to go in and out of your app for your icon to be visible.

9.3 How do I verify myself?

You can read more about how and why to verify yourself here: https://mailchi.mp/485f7cfedb36/verification

9.4 It does not work to call each other, what is the reason?

See the answer in the section on video calls in section 5.2.

9.5 I still get messages that I have to verify even though I have already been verified

This is a bug that we are looking forward to solving. But as long as you see the icon in your profile, you can be sure that you are verified – you do not need to do anything.


10.1 I am stuck in the step where I have to verify my account with a selfie, what do I do?

Double check that you really show your face and your hand according to the instructions on the screen and that the lighting in the room is good. Test a few times and do not give up on the first try. If it still does not work or if the algorithm has made an error, email us at info@gofrendly.com and we will help you further!

10.2 I do not receive my notices, what is the reason?

Go to your profile and then to settings. Double check that you have allowed notifications from GoFrendly. If everything looks correct, email us at info@gofrendly.com and we will help you further.

10.3 The link in the e-mail you have sent so that I can log in is not clickable

Double check that our emails are not marked as spam in your inbox. If it still does not work, you can easily copy it and paste it into your browser on the phone.

10.4 I have deleted my Facebook account, how do I access my GoFrendly account that was linked to it?

Log in with the email that you have registered to your GoFrendly account and you will be logged in again!

10.5 All my conversations are gone, what do I do?

Start by checking that you have not created a double account. The next step is to try logging in / out again by going into ‘’Account Settings’’. Still not working? Please email us at info@gofrendly.com and we will help you further!

  1. OTHER

11.1 How does GoFrendly respond to the Corona restrictions?

GoFrendly follows the regulations and general advice concerning Covid-19 that the Swedish Public Health Agency recommends on its website. To reduce the spread of infection and take our responsibility as a company, we encourage our members to choose digital contact, meet only if everyone is symptom-free and keep their distance. Read our guidelines regarding responsible social interaction and Covid-19 here. Furthermore, each individual has their own responsibility to slow the spread of infection, maintain good hand hygiene and stay home in case of illness / symptoms.

11.2 What are your system requirements? Is my phone too old?

For Android, we require at least 5.0. The oldest version for iOS is 11.0. We have these system requirements so you get the best user experience of GoFrendly and that it is unfortunately much more difficult to develop apps for older models.

11.3 How do I become an ambassador?

We send out information to our community when we are actively looking for new ambassadors, but we are always looking for new stars! You are welcome to send an email to info@gofrendly.com and tell us more about yourself.

11.4 How do I apply for a job at GoFrendly?

Please send us an email with your CV attached to work@gofrendly.com. To see our open positions, you can keep an eye on the app, follow us on Facebook and/or LinkedIn!