1.       Why only women?

GoFrendly’s goal is to create a safe platform for friendship. We know of course that women and men can become wonderful friends, however, to avoid that GoFrendly evolves into yet another one of those hundreds of dating-apps out there, we decided to focus entirely on female friendship.

  1.    How old should I be to use GoFrendly?

Well, you should at least be 18 years old, but otherwise there’s no age at which you SHOULDN’T use GoFrendly! Our oldest member in the GoFrendly-family is 83 years and counting, which we think is awesome! It’s simply never too late for you to find new friends, and because we match you with women of your own age, you’ll never feel too old nor too young!

  1.    How does GoFrendly work?

We match you with other women based on the settings for age group and distance you selected when you registered with GoFrendly. You’ll then get a list over all your matches in which you can read, save as favourite or contact other users in the app. The matches are based on both parties’ preferences for age and distance.

  1.    How do I change city, age group, distance, etc.?

You can change your settings under “edit my profile”.

  1.    Can others see that I use GoFrendly?

Absolutely not, as long as they don’t use GoFrendly themselves and you choose to not tell others.

  1.    How much does GoFrendly cost?

Nothing at all, GoFrendly is entirely free of charge! Nice right?

  1.    How do you check that only women register with GoFrendly?

We verify all new members. Should you still encounter a user who you think does not belong in our community or who abuses the app in any other way, you can choose to report this user. You’ll find this option in the upper right corner in the user’s profile. You can also report users to us by sending us an e-mail to info@gofrendly.com.

  1.    Why do I need to be over 18 to use GoFrendly?

GoFrendly offers contact services. We strongly advise all users to only agree to meet in safe places as we cannot guarantee the safety of our members to 100 percent. For safety reasons and due to the fact that we do not assume responsibility for anything that takes place outside the app, we require all members to be at least 18 years or older.

  1.    How do I report a user whose behaviour I find inappropriate?

You can always report users who you think behave inappropriately. In order to do this, click on the symbol in the upper right corner in the user’s profile or send us an e-mail to info@gofrendly.com.

  1.   What do the red rings around members’ profile pictures in my match list mean?

Those are all the profiles you haven’t visited yet, so go ahead and check them out! Who knows, the next one might just become your next best friend!

  1.   What do I do if I want to filter my matches according to more than just age group and distance?

In the upper right/left (depending on your mobile’s model) corner of your list of matches you’ll find the filter function. This function enables you to filter your matches according to more than just age group and distance (don’t forget to click save in order to apply your filters!). Please note that others can still see you in their list of matches even if you’re using the filter function.

  1.   Can I see if the people I wrote to have read my messages?

Of course you can! After you’ve sent your message, it will read “sent” underneath the message if it was successfully delivered to the receiver. When the receiver has read your message, the status will be updated to “read”.

  1.   What does the plus next to each profile picture in my list of matches stand for?

By clicking on the plus, you can save users as favourites. Those users will also receive an automatic message.

  1.   How do I start a group conversation?

Android: Go to your messages and click on the green plus-symbol in the lower right corner.

iPhone: Go to your messages and click on the plus-symbol in the upper right corner.

You can choose to add users from your list of saved favourites or your list of matches.

  1.   How do I delete a conversation?

Go to your messages and drag the conversation you want to delete to the left. You’ll then be presented with different options for that conversation.

  1.   Why are the changes I make to my profile not saved?

You have to click on the “save”-icon in order to save and implement your changes. If this does not work for you, let us know under info@gofrendly.com and we’ll fix it!

  1.   Why are my own alternatives that I wrote for “I am” and “Let’s meet for” not saved?

When you’ve finished writing your own unique alternative, you still need to click on it afterwards so that it is highlighted green (for iOS) or orange (for Android). Lastly, don’t forget to click on the “save”-icon in the upper right corner after you have highlighted your alternatives in order to save and implement your changes.

  1.   What are your system requirements? Is my phone too old?

For Android we require at least 5.0. The oldest version for iOS is 9.0. We have these system requirements as it is unfortunately much more difficult to develop apps for older models.

  1.   I’ve forgotten my password, what do I do?

Your password is the same as the one you use for your Facebook/Google+ account. If you’ve forgotten that password, Facebook’s/Google+’s customer service will help you out!

  1.   Why does GoFrendly require me to log in through social media?

We do this for a couple of reasons:

  •         To simply press on a button when registering is so much easier than typing in all your information, right?
  •         You don’t need to remember YET ANOTHER password
  •         We only take information we need from your social media, that is your name, e-mail address and your date of birth. Only your given name and the first letter of your last name as well as your age are visible in your profile. Your e-mail address is private.

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