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Do you want to meet friends without children?

Starting to feel like you’re the only one in your circle of friends without kids? We totally get that one can feel a bit left out in a group of friends where topics circle around sore nipples from breastfeeding, car seat safety for newborns, and the enormous motherly love that new moms feel towards their children.

When your circle of friends becomes a mummy group

Did most of your friends recently got pregnant or gave birth? This usually means that the newborn baby is at the centre of attention and your friend on maternity leave might have a hard time to relate to your busy schedule at work. That can easily make you feel a bit isolated and the sense of lacking things in common can come creeping in. It is okay to be all fed upon hearing about the child’s first walk, talk and food preferences. Especially if your cosy hang-out with the girls becomes a mummy group meetup due to the baby-takeover. This is not an unusual situation so don’t worry, you’ll find back to each other as soon as the baby-bubble pops. But in the meantime, allow yourself to explore new friendships with those who share your current life situation and can tag along on spontaneous yoga class or a glass of prosecco.

Meet friends without children in our community

Do you long for the chance to meet up with a friend without having to share the conversation with a three-year-old? To have deep conversations about life in general, to take long walks, to eat dinner together for hours or dance the night away? Or best of all: not having to plan weeks ahead as well as not risking getting a last-minute text message of your stressed friend who just can’t make it? We got your back! In our all-female digital community, you’ll connect with amazing friends (without children, yep, we have a filter for that!). Many of our community members share your situation of having a lot of friends that are currently just not on the same page as you are. Sometimes we all just need to refresh our circle of friends, which is a natural course of life. This doesn’t mean that you love your friends less or don’t want to hang out with them, but being part of a digital community gives you the freedom and choice to pursue your interest with new like-minded people when the existing group of friends is busy.

If you nodded throughout the article and answered yes to all the above, we strongly recommend you to give GoFrendly a try!

PS If you ever do decide to have children yourself in the future, you can always change your preferences in the community and find loads of members on maternity leave in your area.