Are you alone at home with your child? Do the days go by slowly and leave you restless? Do you find it hard to meet someone who understands how you feel and can relate to your daily routines? Might the answer be that you’re just dying to make other friends on parental leave?

Not a child’s play

Trust us, WE know that it can take weeks until you dare to leave the house, let alone go on longer trips with your first child. At the beginning, a trip to the closest supermarket is already a big challenge. First, you need to pack your nappy bag with all “what ifs” and “just in cases”. And then just when you’re finally changed and ready to leave at the door with your baby snuggled in the pram, you notice the odor of a leaking nappy needing taking care of immediately.

After a few weeks though, you and your baby will have started to get the hang of things and be more comfortable with your new daily routines. It’s at this point that the days start to feel longer and you get desperate for a chance to leave the house. You thrive spending time with your child, who after all is the apple of your eye of course, but at the same time, it’s only normal to start feeling starved for adult conversation!

The importance of getting out

What you need is to leave your newly made family nest, plan fun activities and meet lovely people. Maybe you’d like to meet others on parental leave? Who are free practically any time, just like you. You can visit museums together, meet for a coffee or take long walks with your prams. You’re a perfect match for each other as you’re both at the same stage in your life and have made similar experiences you can share with each other.

Why you should meet friends on parental leave

It’s so rewarding to meet other friends on parental leave as you can give advice to each other – or simply be there for each other. By making friends with others on parental leave, you get the change to share your experiences with somebody who knows what it entails to be a new mum with a newborn baby to take care of. Above all, you’ll have somebody to go out and do fun things with!

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