Let’s be honest – doesn’t it feel both strange and embarrassing to ask a complete stranger if they’d like to meet up sometime for a coffee or a glass of wine? Hardly anybody does that either when waiting for the bus or having a bit of small talk before gym class, even if the person they’re talking to seems genuinely nice and outgoing and would most likely be really happy to be asked out!

Meeting friends is an active choice

The perk of using GoFrendly is that you can be sure that every user has made the active choice to go out there and meet new friends. So seize the opportunity and don’t let a potential friendship peter out while waiting for the person at the other end of the chat to pluck up her courage! It’s highly likely that the other person is just as anxious as you are, and the risk is high that nothing will ever come of it if you don’t take the initiative.

But what should I ask, and when?

We think that it’s best to arrange to meet as early as possible when the conversation is still flowing freely. Don’t make things too complicated. If the other person has written in her profile that she’d like to meet over a glass of wine, well then ask if she’s free next Thursday after work! If she likes to work out, ask if you could join for a run on Saturday. If you’re both on parental leave, suggest meeting at your favorite café, or in the park! Don’t over-complicate things, keep it simple!

“You seem to like running, can’t I join you on Tuesday after work?”

“I’ll meet a friend for a cup of coffee on Tuesday, would you like to join?”

“I’m also at home with my 2-year-old right now, we can meet in the park on Friday maybe?”

To summarise, these are our 3 best pieces of advice when it comes to friendship-dating:

  •         Suggest meeting as early as possible! Don’t wait until your conversation comes to a halt.
  •         Suggest an activity – cinema, coffee, wine, a long walk, manicure or maybe dinner!
  •         Suggest a date to meet so to make sure that something comes of it!

Now go and choose a bunch of girls you find interesting and GO FOR IT! You’ve got nothing to lose! You can also try and meet up with a group of girls if you’re more comfortable with that. The thing you’re least likely to regret is having given it a try! Who knows, there might be a new friend for life waiting for you! Good luck!